me outside when it rains: i hate the rain this is shit fuck this i fucking hate you water droplets of fuck
me inside when it rains: omg this is so nice i wanna make hot chocolate and watch films yasss rain yasssssss
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Okay, we got 3,943,048 little sarcastic assholes on here.



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#oh my god #I’d forgotten this scene #this is why, isn’t it #this is why he always told her how special she was #how important #how brilliant #because he remembered the time when he was so callous #the time that, for all he knows, might have contributed to her shitty self esteem even more #the time he told her she wasn’t special or important #which coming from him is harsh #I mean the Doctor thinks everyone’s important #but in that moment #with a brain addled with heartbreak #and a heart aching for his Rose #he told her what she already thought about herself #and who knows #maybe that’s why she never believed him 

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Supernatural is essentialy a really weird Bible fanfiction that’s on TV

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emmys: johnlock next season *hint hint*
tumblr: johnlock next season *hint hint*
basically everyone: johnlock next season *hint *hint*
moffat: ha hahahaahaha what


I have worked at Hallmark for about 20 years total and this is probably the best card I have ever written.

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Fan: would you rather be stranded on an island with Jared or Jensen, and why?
Misha: no I would not.
Fan: you have to choose.
Misha: I would swim. I'm a good swimmer.

Lady on the bus next to me: Tell me again- what are you not going to do in daycare today?
Little boy: I will not hit the teacher with a light saber.
Lady: And why are you not going to hit her with a light saber?
Boy: It is my toy, and my choice, but if I hit her with the light saber, I'm acting like a Sith.
Lady: Do you want to be a Sith?
Boy: No! I am Obi-Wan!

Jenny? What’re you doing? Come back!

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but like jared doesn’t even react
he’s just like “oh god, again”




but like jared doesn’t even react

he’s just like “oh god, again”

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see the ball

feel the ball

be the ball

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90% of horse movies

girl: *finds horse who is impaired in some way*
girl: dad can I keep it
dad: no there's no hope for it let's go
girl: dad u idiot u don't get me
girl: *visits horse in middle of the night*
*cuts to girl riding the horse in an open field bc she is free and her dad can't control her*
dad: how dare u
girl: just let me prove to u this horse is special
girl: *enters race*
girl: *wins*
dad: u make me so proud
horse: *whinnies*
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"God Sam, can’t a grown, heterosexual man hold his centuries old angel’s hand for warmth?! I mean, come on, it’s common sense! Why waste time with gloves when you have your own, heaven-sent space heater right next to you?"

Comics are always fun~

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